“ The set by Jackie and Rick Penrod, the lighting by Nick Belley, and sound by Rick Sims are all sheer perfection.” Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago (Hank Williams: Lost Highway)

“Designer Kevin Depinet’s massive steel set, with its forbidding gates and stairways, is stunningly lit by Jesse Klug and Nick Belley.” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times (RENT)

“…together with brilliant lighting design by Jesse Klug and Nick Belley, can only be described as visually stunning.” – Barry Reszel, Make it Better (RENT)

“The visual treats start early and continue often. Corti’s opening tableaux of Roger seated alone in a dark and empty loft is a gorgeously lit (by Jesse Klug and Nick Belley)” – David Zak, Chicago Stage Standard (RENT)

“…lighting design by Nick Belley and Garvin Jellison splendidly serve the language- driven drama.”- Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews (Good Boys and True)

“The physical production is sustained by Nick Belley’s evocative lighting effects and the spot-on period costumes by Frances Maggio.”- Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews (Color Purple)

“Technically, The Color Purple contains a very functional set by Bob Knuth which is masterfully lit by Nick Belley.”- Michael J Roberts, Showbiz Chicago (Color Purple)

“The musical is brought to a vivid life on stage with a set designed by Robert Knuth, lighting design by Nick Belley….”- Shari Schmidt, Chicago Now (Color Purple)

“…beautiful period costumes perfectly complementing in tone and hue the soft color palette of Nick Belley’s lighting.”- Anthony Mangini, Chicago Stage Standard (Color Purple)

“while lighting designer Nick Belley gives a great sense of a summer night shading into darkness to match the pent-up recriminations released among three embittered grownup siblings and their significant others.”- Scott C Morgan, Windy City Times (Pleasant Dreams)

“Nick Belley and Greg Hofmann have done a great job on the lighting,”- Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago (Pal Joey)

“Kudos as well to lighting designers Nick Belley and Greg Hofmann, whose colorful illuminations constantly punch up the fun and underline the drama.”- Lawrence B. Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle (Pal Joey)